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No. Category Salutation NAME INSTITUTION TITLE Telephone Email Constituency MEMBER
1 Govt Mr. Mohammed Nasim MOH&FW Minister 9574488, 9574422 GOV Chairperson of BCCM
2 Govt Mr. Md. Serajul Huq Khan MOH&FW Secretary, Health Service Division 9577199, GOV Vice Chair -CCM (GOV)
3 ML/BL Mr.  Edouard Beigbeder UNICEF UNICEF Representative ML/BL Vice Chair -CCM (MLBL)
4 CSO Prof Dr. M.A Faiz MRG Former DGHS 1713008858 Academia Vice Chair -CCM (CSO)
5 Govt Ms. Roxana Quader MOH&FW Add Secratry, PH&WHO 1710894497 GOV Chir of OC
6 Govt Dr. Prodip Ranjan Chakravarty MOHA Add Secretary 1715013243, GOV Vice Chair of OC
7 Govt Prof Dr. Mahmudur Rahman, PhD MOH&FW Ex. Director, IEDCR 1711595139 Academia Vice Chair of OC
8 CCM Sec Mr. Manaj Kumar Biswas CCM Sec. CCM Coordinator 1718171958 CCM For Administrative Support (Non voting)