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No Catgry Salutation NAME ORG Title phone Email Contncy Member Gender
Chair & Vice Chair
 1 Govt Ms. Roxana Quader MOH&FW Addl. Secretary, PH&WHO +8801710894497 GOV Chair of OC Female
 2 Govt Mr. Prodip Ranjan Chakrabortay MOHA Additional Secretary +8801715055491 GOV Vice Chair of OC Male
 3 Govt Prof. Dr. Mahmudur Rahman, PhD MOH&FW Ex. Director, IEDCR +8801711595139 Academia Vice Chair of OC Male
 Disease Specialist- Malaria
4 Govt Prof. Dr. M A Faiz Ex. DGHS Malaria Expert +880171300 8858 Academia Member Male
5 Govt Prof. Dr. Meerjady Sabrina Flora MOH&FW Director, IEDCR +8801713083893 GOV Member  Female
  Disease Specialist- TB
 6 Govt Prof. Dr. Asif Mujtaba Mahmud IEDCR TB Expert +8801819238333 Private Member Male
7 ML/BL Dr. Charles Lerman USAID TB adviser +8801755637029 ML/BL Member Male
  Disease Specialist- HIV
8 CSO Dr. Tasnim Azim Former Director, Center for HIV/AIDS, icddr,b HIV Expert +8801713090403 Academia Member Female
9 ML/BL Dr. Saima Khan UNAIDS HIV Expert +8801730057832 ML/BL Member Female
10 Govt Dr. A.E.Md. Mohiuddin Osmani MOH&FW Jt Chief, Planning +8801817117703,
GOV Member Male
 11 Mr. Milon Kanti Datta BHBCOP Member Secretary +8801727346990 FBO Alternate Male
Program Management Specialist
 12 Govt Mr. Md. Motaher Hossain MOH&FW Dep: Secretary 01779212099 GOV Member Male
 13 ML/BL Ms. Gabrielle Mathieu High Comm of Canada First Secretary +8801713013199


BL Member Male
14 CSO Mr. Kamrul Hasan Kenedy Renata Limited Head of Inst.  Buss & Health Care product +8801817049448 PS Member male
Procurement Specialist
 15 INGO Mr.  Zahedul Islam MSH/SAIPS Country Project  Director +8801713238655 ML/BL Member Male
 16  INGO Dr. S. M. Abu Zahid MSH/SAIPS Team Leader, Procurement +8801711886886 ML/BL Alternate Male
 17 CBO Mr. Ahsanul Alam Kishor PLWD PLHIV +8801833104791 PLHIV Member Male
18 CSO Ms. Aleya Akter Lily CSW’s Network of Bangladesh KAP TB +8801816657732 KAP-TB Member Female
BCCM Secretariat
19 CCM Sec Mr. Manaj Kumar Biswas CCM Secretariat CCM Coordinator +8801718171958 CCM For Administrative Support (Non voting) Male