The Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) has been a cornerstone of the Global Fund architecture since the organization was created in 2001.

The Bangladesh Country Coordinating Mechanism (BCCM) is a multi-sectoral national body that is mandated by the Global Fund. It was established in 2002 to access and oversee Global Fund financing that supports and complements Bangladesh’s national responses to three major diseases– HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis (TB) and Malaria. The BCCM is a key element in the Global Fund’s commitment to national and local ownership of the country proposals; grant implementation, and participatory decision-making within Bangladesh.

Global Fund has been assisting Bangladesh in combating Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS and Malaria since 2004. This has positive impacts in the health sector of Bangladesh, and also acts as a catalyst agent towards achieving the MDGs.

A total 10 grants have been awarded to Bangladesh: 5 for Tuberculosis, 3 for HIV/AIDS and 2 for Malaria. The total amount of grants approved in US$ 367,175,223 (28,639,667,394 BDT) and the total disbursed amount to date is US$ 289,185,562 (22,556,473,836 BDT). Significant results in combating the three diseases were achieved by Bangladesh. The Global Fund has expressed their interest to come up with more funding for TB, Malaria and HIV under the New Funding Model which will be affected from 2014.

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