a. Responsibilities:
The responsibilities of the BCCM Secretariat shall include:
• Serving as the primary point of communication for the BCCM with its the Global Fund, BCCM Members, implementing partners, and BCCM constituencies
• Supporting BCCM organization and management, as required by the needs of the BCCM Members and the Executive Committee
• Supporting harmonization and proposal development by providing administrative support to the Concept Note development process
• Supporting oversight of grant implementation by providing administrative support to the Oversight Committee (for Strategy & Planning and Grant Oversight)
• Preparing, maintaining and systematically archiving BCCM documents and financial records relating to BCCM operations, Concept Note development, oversight, and communications with the Global Fund, implementing partners, and BCCM constituencies
Specific operating guidelines and procedures shall be documented by the Secretariat in a BCCM Operations Manual that shall be reviewed, approved, and revised as necessary by the full BCCM.
b. Reporting relationship:
The BCCM Secretariat shall report to, and be guided and supervised by, the BCCM Chair, Vice Chair, and the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall be responsible for initial approval of the BCCM Secretariat budget, which shall be endorsed by the BCCM, to include the costs for operating BCCM, its committees and the Secretariat itself.

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