Dear Annie: If someone you love is an alcoholic, you are not alone

Explain the ways in which his or her addiction has affected you and others involved. Describe the emotional and mental stress the behavior is causing. A person who faces an alcohol use disorder will most likely deny there is anything wrong goodbye to alcohol letter with them. He or she may say the habit only helps them to take the edge off, even though you know they’ve been drinking in excess. You won’t be able to get them to start working on themselves or even acknowledge the problem that easily.

Marixie Ann Manarang-Obsioma is a licensed Medical Technologist (Medical Laboratory Science) and an undergraduate of Doctor of Medicine (MD). She took her Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Technology at Angeles University Foundation and graduated with flying colors. Marixie likes to travel, read, and watch movies. You’re doing the right thing by choosing to care, even if no one else, including the alcoholic, does. Along the same lines, recovery frees up our mental focus and gives us the impulse control to figure out how to structure our days and get stuff done. The process of recovery leads us to connect honestly with people in a way that is so therapeutic.

An Impact Letter to Alcoholic Husband (10 Samples To Copy!)

Alcohol addiction treatment usually starts off with medical detox. Patients are prescribed a cocktail of medications, like disulfiram or acamprosate, based on the type and severity of withdrawal symptoms experienced. These medications are crucial to recovery, as they will reduce the intensity of withdrawal symptoms.

  • After a few sessions, we composed a letter that she felt comfortable sending.
  • There is a possibility that they will never choose to pursue sobriety, but you shouldn’t fixate on matters that are out of your control.
  • However, to her surprise and pleasure, her daughter responded with an acknowledgment of the letter and said she would try to do better.
  • Unfortunately, if you feel burnt out, you’ll be less capable of providing love and support to your loved one.
  • But it is vital that you take responsibility for your actions and show a genuine commitment to change.

Not least because an alcoholic hardly cares about the impact he or she has on their lives and those surrounding them. All they care about is where their next drink is coming from. Never loan them money unless for treatment
Alcoholism, like any other substance addiction, is an expensive habit to fund. Unfortunately, an alcoholic who is out of pocket will always find ways to obtain money, even if they have to lie to get hold of it. If you’re sure your loved one is an alcoholic, don’t lend them money under any circumstances.

Example of an Impact Letter

If you want to encourage an addict to get help, you need to be willing to demonstrate what you will do to support these endeavors. Maybe you’ll go to Al-Anon meetings, accompany your loved one to AA, visit regularly during rehab or help with choosing the right program. When the subject of an intervention knows that help is available, making the choice to get assistance won’t feel so impossible. In preparing your letter, think about the ways in which facing addiction has changed your life and the life of your loved one. All of these things may seem par for the course for those in active addiction but will stand out as red flags to those on the outside looking in.

Your commitment and progress far outweigh any stumbling blocks. I encourage you to build on your successes, no matter how small they may seem, and never lose sight of your goal. You have the strength and the willpower to overcome alcoholism, and I believe in you wholeheartedly. I hope this letter finds you well, and I want to begin by saying that I love you and care deeply about our family. Over the past few years, I have watched as alcohol has gradually taken over your life, and I feel compelled to address the impact it has had on all of us. I believe that taking a family-centered approach is crucial because your alcoholism is not just your struggle; it’s something that affects each member of our family in profound ways.

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