HIV/AIDS Funding Request 2021-2023 and NSP


Greetings from BCCM!!

I am pleased to share HIV/AIDS Funding Request 2021-2023 and NSP for your kind feedback and comments. If will be very much appreciated if you kindly share your feedback by 8th March 2020. Please see the attached files for NASP and  Funding Request 2021-2023 narrative version. You may kindly visit BCCM Website ( for getting this documents. All documents will be available soon on BCCM website including  NSP Budget summary, FR Budget summary, PF, Programmatic Gap table and Quantification document. ASP is requested to share all those documents. 

BCCM Constituency Members (NGO, KAP, PLWD, Private Sector, FBO, MLBL) and and stakeholders are kindly requested to share this attached documents to their constituency members for their comments and feedback. 

Send your feedback and comments to following email.addresses:

Please copy to following addresses while sending your feedback and comments

Thanks in advance for your kind support and cooperation in this regard.


 FR BGD-H Full Review Template 01DRAFT_01032010_BCCM Download
HIV NSP 2018-2023 Download