Malaria Funding Request 2021-2023


We are pleased to upload Malaria National Strategic Plan (NSP) and The Global Fund Funding Request 2021-2023 for your kind feedback and comments. It will be highly appreciated if you kindly share your feedback by 08 March 2020.

Please review following documents related to Malaria Funding Request 2021-2023 and send your feedback and comments to following email addresses:

Please copy to following addresses while sending your feedback and comments:

Thanks in advance for your kind support and cooperation in this regard.

BAN quantification Calendar Year_29.02.20 Download
FR 2021-2023 Budget Summary Download
FR BGD-M_NSPtailored_template_en–29022020–DRAFT–sharedv1 Download
FR705 BGD-M_PF_18Dec19_AS_270220 Download
NSP 2021-2025 Budget Summary Download
NSP 2021-2025–29022020–sharedv1 Download
Programmatic Gap malaria table_21022020–v1_AS Download

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