Constituency Election


BCCM Secretariat
BCCM Election Advertisement

Nomination of Candidates and Election of Civil Society Representatives of the Bangladesh Country

Coordination Mechanism (BCCM)

 Name of the Constituency  Membership Criteria
 Non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
(TB, Malaria, TB, Women, and Children)
 Criteria for membership (Download)
 Key Affected Populations
(KAP TB-1, KAP-Malaria-1, KAP HIV -1)
 Criteria for membership (Download)
 People Living with the Diseases
(PLWD TB-1, PLWD Malaria-1, PLHIV-1)
 Criteria for membership (Download)
 Academia and Researcher  Criteria for membership (Download)
 Private Sector  Criteria for membership (Download)
 Faith-based Organizations (FBOs)  Criteria for membership (Download)

Election Advertisement  (Download)

Revised NGO Constituency Election Activities and Dates (Download)

Voter Registration (link)

Candidate Registration (link)